Canadian Exploration Company Focused on Developing Exploration Assets in British Columbia and Alberta

with additional assets in goldproperties and diamondiferouskimberlites

Exploration Highlights

historic drill results small

  • Drillholes with up to 31.1% K2O results from assays on recent Grizzly drill program
  • Historic Unity Potash Mine 45 km east of existing GZD lands
  • Agrium Vanscory Potash Mine 200 km east of GZD lands
  • Significant Potash in drill core or indicated by gamma logs at depths ranging from 1,060m to 1,675m
  • Temperatures at those depths range from about 50oC to 75oC. Optimal temperature for solution mining is approximately 75oC.



NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Potash Potential of Grizzly Discoveries Inc.'s Alberta Potash Project, dated July 31, 2012


* The Company currently does not have a defined compliant 43-101 resource on its Alberta Potash Property. There is no guarantee that with further work one will be defined.